Okay, so…

All of my comics from first-year have been posted and transcribed. Next up? The comics from second year! There are less of them, and the pages aren’t as dense.. but I’m still going to take a little break before uploading the lot. It shouldn’t be too long, as I’ve already done a fair bit of work (they’ve already been scanned and formatted).

Also, this is as good a time as any to admit that there probably won’t be any REAL updates to the site for a while. It’s looking like I’ll be going home for most of July and August, and no matter how hard I try, that usually means no webcomicking. Sorry.


UPDATE: I’m going to upload and transcribe my second-year comics ONE AT A TIME… should make it easier for me to pick away at. Also, I was an idiot in 2007, and didn’t put the date on any of my work… so everything is going to be from October and November, one page per day.

UPDATE UPDATE: DONE! DONE! DONE! Everything is up and transcribed! DONE! heh.. hehehe.. hah… HAH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAA… [cough] … [hack] …ahh. Heh.

Guess what!


D’you know what this means? Do you?! Oh… you do? I don’t think you do. It means that I can finally upload ALL my comics from first and second year. Lemme tell you… they are MEDIOCRE. And there’s a lot of them.

So, strap yourselves in for some squirm-inducing recollections! Personally, I’m a little leery of putting them up now, but hey, it’s not like I’m going to be drawing anything real for a while.

I’m going to see if I can get a few up this afternoon.


UPDATE: Okay, I’m going to do a mass upload. The quality is pretty raw, and most of them are completely unreadable… there will be transcripts, just not immediately. Might be best to pretend nothing’s happening on the site for the next 2 days, then check back.

UPDATE UPDATE: This is going to be a chore. That is all.

UPDATE THE THIRD: Okay, so to see the old stuff, you’ll have to go back in time to 2006… i.e. click “First.” I’ve only uploaded one… I’ve got to rename all the files, which could be a while (god help me if I was over ambitious and drew two pages in one day).

ANOTHER DAMNED UPDATE: First-year collection has been posted! Yay. Transcriptions might never get done, but hey, at least you can see how my work has… improved?

Comments and spam…

Sorry, had to disable comments on account of an irregular amount of spam. Hope to remedy the situation soon, but making no promises.


Oh! If you want to be a contributor or regular visitor, contact me at [ mj [at] felixmarcus.com ] and I will make it so.

UPDATE: Reactivated comments… temporarily. At first sign of abuse, they will be suspended again.

[Copied from Spartachick] Well, well, well…


You are probably not wondering what I’m up to these days, what with it being over a month since my last update, so I thought I would take some time to keep y’all in the loop! This has been a crazy year, of that you can be certain, and I have not often been able to dedicate time to my artwork.

I am graduating from Queen’s University come May or early June (they haven’t told me yet), and with the conclusion of my life’s undergraduate chapter, the educational prologue, I have been called upon to make some rather weighty decisions. Where will I live, what will I do to earn money, when will I be fully independent – these are all questions that have racked my brain.

Happily, I am an experienced employer of delaying tactics. For at least another year, I will be continuing my learning here in Kingston. Mercifully not at Queen’s (I think a Masters program would kill right about now), rather at the local college. I will become… a Law Clerk. Or something. The important point to take away from this is that I’ll have lots of time to draw over the summer and (hopefully) all next year. We’ll see.



4:00 AM never looks good on a clock…

It has taken until now for me to realize that I make friends in much the same way I create comics.

In the process of developing ideas, I sketch, I doodle, I scribble aimlessly on torn ends and generally grubby pages of paper. Notebooks wherein one might reasonably expect to find truncated versions of lectures on 19th century Ireland, are instead full of faces and character models. These hastily-drawn visages can be directly compared to my peers, colleagues, and fellow humans; superficial, empty, and ghostlike-beings, passing in and out of my consciousness with little or no consequence.

The truly magical moment occurs when I select models and beings to further develop. Sometimes, I choose the shallow approach, reasoning that because the character holds physically attractive qualities, I should pursue the idea they represent. True of people, as well. Equally true, however, is the fact that said dalliances with immediate beauty – both artistic and real – are short-lived, and very rarely evolve into mentionable storylines.

There are other times when a figure holds some indescribable magic. A lucky sketch-line, a smudge that happened to perfectly shade a cheek while illuminating a pearl necklace – drawings that I know damn well I would never, ever be able to replicate. In my life, these are the quiet individuals, people with whom I feel I might have a chance of relating, yet find myself utterly incapable of approaching. Time has proven that I avoid these people and characters – forsaking potential happiness for pristine equilibrium. Occasionally, and with mixed results, this pattern is broken, but in all things, I prefer to err on the side of caution.

The last group of graduates consist of characters who come to represent ideas that are important to me. More often than not, these find themselves reoccurring over many pages, constantly inhabiting margins. They become the first and last figures I draw when dedicating time to artistic improvement. In life, these are my closest friends. They start off like most other sketches, constantly crossing the border between obscurity and relevance, but quickly become the most important things in existence – defining ideas, creating stories, providing narrative. Admittedly, this is still superficiality – which is why they must advance to the comic-drawing stage.

My work-process is fairly routine, and relatively simple. Start with reference sketches (though, recently, I’ve had none to speak of, resulting in a total lack of… everything); open a blank (digital) document; add borders, sketches, lines, colours, backgrounds, shadows, shades, highlights; then finish it off with some good ol’ text. Boring. Or is it!? See, I’m always highly sceptical of my own work, and often have difficulty moving on to the next stage for fear of messing the whole work up and wasting valuable time. This is true in life as well. Leave well enough alone, right?

This is highly problematic. At this moment, I have six (!) comics waiting to be completed that haven’t left the digital sketching stage. I know that (generally) the more detail I add, the better the page will look, but I find myself incapable of continuing. While this may be odd behaviour, it very neatly explains why I take so bloody long to make close friends. Best friends are like fully-polished comics. Each layer has been completed, and the narrative (ongoing) is alive… but to get to the polished state, a lot of effort on my part goes into “filling in” the sketch-lines, with each layer steadily increasing in challenge.

My friends are worth the effort, that goes without saying, as are the comics I draw… but worth alone does not make the process easier, nor time-efficient. My undergraduate career is coming to a close, and I have not yet finished making friends. Like a favourite webcomic whose artist loses focus before its conclusion, this scenario is – simply put – sad.