About Handyside’s work…

Shawn Handyside, author of Staccato and the creator of Halolz recently came up with THIS shirt idea.  If you don’t get the joke, just drop it and move on to better things… but if you DO get the joke, and see the cleverness of the idea, then you’ll understand that this design is a veritable gold mine for the guy, and that he deserves internets.  Many of them.

Now, I thoroughly enjoyed Staccato, repeatedly enjoy Halolz, and support Shawn’s work in general.  This shirt idea is currently sitting at somewhere over the 2300-digg mark.  It has come to my attention that some people out there are doubting Mr. Handyside’s ability to come up with such a clever and popular idea.  I am appalled!

So I figured, being at the forefront of webcomic society as I am, that I’d use my considerable influence to persuade all those doubters out there that YES, Shawn Handyside IS the creator of awesomeness!  YOU OWE HIM YOUR ALLEGIANCE!!

All delusions of grandeur aside… he’s a funny and creative guy, I just thought I’d use this opportunity to direct a few of you his way.  His deviantART page can be found HERE.



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