Hi all.

I’ve been having some motivational problems lately, which is to say my brief stint of NOT having motivational problems has officially come to its conclusion. This cycle of productivity/drought has become a determining feature of my personality’s artistic side. I draw for a bit, get frustrated when I don’t see improvement, get moody, stop drawing, get moodier, try drawing again, get even more frustrated, break something, then disappear for a few months.

In the past, this prorogation of productive prowess proved particularly painful (alliteration makes me every-so-happy). I would doodle aimlessly in notebooks, searching for inspiration, and miraculously stumble upon a gem of simplistic efficiency. To recapture the natural flow of the sketchwork digitally almost always proved impossible, irritating my impatient mind. But no longer!

Yes, the mighty scanner has saved me from the spiral path of self-destructive anger! I can now, in all my depressed splendour, sit slumped at my desk, scribbling listlessly, without fear of losing accidental perfection. You see, I am not an artist. I enjoy drawing, and I love to share my work with others, but I will never be able to dedicate the amount of time required to become proficient. For me, being able to efficiently convey a message or feeling is all that really matters. Everything I do will be basic, obvious, and small; my characters will always be cartoons, my backgrounds will always be flat.

Y’know what? There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve always been one to push self-improvement, to aim too high… to move on to the future without fully understanding the present. Very impatient. I see what others are doing, and immediately want to create the same thing. While I’m sure that drive can be counted as a virtue, it’s been my downfall too many times. Stagnation, however, is just as bad as rushed progress. So, while I’m sketching, I’ve got to constantly remind myself to take baby steps. Yes, I can improve. Yes, I can diversify my style. Yes, I can become a better artist… I just have to take my time!



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