Borked the laptop..

I’m ONE broken computer away from giving up on technology altogether; it’s fragile, uncooperative, tempermental..

Maybe next time I’ll get one of those newish, Dell, industrial strength beasts..

Might struggle with the mini in the meantime.. don’t know when you’ll see the next update.


Discussion (2)¬

  1. Tertius says:

    I blame vista

  2. felixmarcus says:

    I DO TOO!!! It tries WAY too hard to be nice to my tablet. I mean, seriously, just let it do its job.. don’t start up, like, 20 different processes trying to make it better. GAH!!

    On the plus side, I got GIMP 2.6 reinstalled, and all seems to be working more-or-less correctly. There should be a new comic up soon. Spartachick first, of course, but Felix Marcus by Tuesday.


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