Maybe tomorrow…

I’m thinking of updating tomorrow.  It seems to be about time.

Bit of a side note… Video games = my downfall.  Seriously, they’re like the Dark Side of my computing Force (comic-drawing being the Light Side).  There’s got to be balance.  Sometimes there is.. it just never lasts long.  For instance, after doing productive (school-related) things on my computer for many-an-hour I proceeded to pull 2 all-nighters playing Oblivion and Empire Total War.  Meh… it’ll all get sorted.

Anyway, there should be something up by tomorrow night!


Better make that Monday.. the 22nd.  I was out taking pictures all day (and failing miserably at doing so).  There are only so many times I can say “hmm, that’s not good enough” in one evening, and since that’s all I ever say when I’m drawing comics… I think it’d be better to sleep.



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