Candy and… updates…

Okay, I saw Lollyphile! (online fine candy retailer) was advertising on my site(s), so I figured I’d take a look at their products.  I think they’ve got a promising enterprise (and a good sense of humour).

A quote from their About section:

“We started waaaaaay back around Halloween of 2007 when we found ourselves with a lot of absinthe and no candy.”

I’m definitely interested!  However, when I tried to log onto my site to tell y’all about aforementioned awesomeness… DISASTER!!

Apparently, I upgraded WordPress last night by accident.  How was I to know that it wouldn’t be compatible with ComicPress?!  Instead of my friendly log-on screen, I was met with a 404 error… and then some curious looking code that reminded me of.. my ActionScript midterm.  Even I know that’s bad news.

Thankfully someone found a fix on the ComicPress forums, so I was able to get it sorta sorted.


(EDIT:  NEVER MIND!!! MUCH RAGE STILL EXISTS!!! WHAR COMICS?!? Got it working again. Disregard.)


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