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Just a quick post…

The domain is registered, the site is hosted, the copyright has been applied for, and the first blog post is being read – by you – now.

Lots of little things to work out… but hopefully the start-up will be smoother than Spartachick’s.

Ongoing setup…

So, I fixed up every bug in the design that I could find last night.. but then realized that I hadn’t tested it on Internet Explorer.

I really dislike Internet Explorer.  Everyone?  Use Firefox.  Please.  It’ll make my life easier.  I kid, I kid.  IE users are people too!

Anyway, I’m definitely stealing this (<—–) adbox from Spartachick.  I don’t think Project Wonderful will care… at least, I really hope they don’t care.  Both sites are mine.  I know the people advertising won’t care; twice the exposure for the same price they were paying before.



Alright, I now have the copyright for Felix Marcus.  This is good!  For anyone who remembers my old sketchbooks from first and second year university… well, some of the better pages and storylines might be transferred to this site.  I’d like to keep things new, so only the best stuff will be preserved.


Mount&Blade is sucking away my youth!

Seriously… good game.  Very distracting.

Spambots are… good?

So, I’ve been neglecting this site recently, but that’s only because I’ve had other art-type stuff to think about.  I’m a wimp, I know, but I’ve been coming home from class dead tired these past two weeks.

However, this is a long weekend, and most of my projects are pretty manageable.  Thanks to an annoying spam e-mail, I was reminded of my online obligations.

Of course, Spartachick is my primary concern.. to be updated on Saturday or Sunday, but Felix Marcus should see a fresh page by Sunday night… heck, there’s no hockey on tomorrow night, and I’m too broke to go see Star Trek, or Angels and Demons, so I might get something up tomorrow night!  Who knows, eh?


I’m aiming for tonight..

Hey all, I’m just between classes right now.. I’m going to try to get a new page up tonight (I would have done so last night, but I accidentally reinstalled Mass Effect).


Candy and… updates…

Okay, I saw Lollyphile! (online fine candy retailer) was advertising on my site(s), so I figured I’d take a look at their products.  I think they’ve got a promising enterprise (and a good sense of humour).

A quote from their About section:

“We started waaaaaay back around Halloween of 2007 when we found ourselves with a lot of absinthe and no candy.”

I’m definitely interested!  However, when I tried to log onto my site to tell y’all about aforementioned awesomeness… DISASTER!!

Apparently, I upgraded WordPress last night by accident.  How was I to know that it wouldn’t be compatible with ComicPress?!  Instead of my friendly log-on screen, I was met with a 404 error… and then some curious looking code that reminded me of.. my ActionScript midterm.  Even I know that’s bad news.

Thankfully someone found a fix on the ComicPress forums, so I was able to get it sorta sorted.


(EDIT:  NEVER MIND!!! MUCH RAGE STILL EXISTS!!! WHAR COMICS?!? Got it working again. Disregard.)

Maybe tomorrow…

I’m thinking of updating tomorrow.  It seems to be about time.

Bit of a side note… Video games = my downfall.  Seriously, they’re like the Dark Side of my computing Force (comic-drawing being the Light Side).  There’s got to be balance.  Sometimes there is.. it just never lasts long.  For instance, after doing productive (school-related) things on my computer for many-an-hour I proceeded to pull 2 all-nighters playing Oblivion and Empire Total War.  Meh… it’ll all get sorted.

Anyway, there should be something up by tomorrow night!


Better make that Monday.. the 22nd.  I was out taking pictures all day (and failing miserably at doing so).  There are only so many times I can say “hmm, that’s not good enough” in one evening, and since that’s all I ever say when I’m drawing comics… I think it’d be better to sleep.


How ’bout an update?


That’d be fantastic!  So, I think I’m going to put a new page up either tonight or tomorrow night… expect it to have NOTHING TO DO WITH ME!  Hell, it might be some random game-inspired story-arc.. who knows?!



Borked the laptop..

I’m ONE broken computer away from giving up on technology altogether; it’s fragile, uncooperative, tempermental..

Maybe next time I’ll get one of those newish, Dell, industrial strength beasts..

Might struggle with the mini in the meantime.. don’t know when you’ll see the next update.